M-Base Profile

M-Base is a leading international supplier of:

  • material databases,
  • material information systems,
  • product information systems and
  • material related simulation software.


Our concept also involves competent and extensive consulting in this area.


M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH was founded in 1993 by Dr. Erwin Baur and Christine Thiel.


Today we have 25 employees. Our team consists of engineers and software developers in equal parts.

With more than 25 years of personal experience in the development of material database systems and design software we have become highly specialized in our core competence: material information.


Our name M-Base Engineering + Software is our program and reflects our philosophy that reliable material databases need engineer's know how to guarantee the best combination of high end software and technical relevance.


We develop superior and cost effective products, which gives us a unique market position.


Through the acquisition by Altair in October 2020, we are able to extend our offer in the segments materials simulation, data analytics and CAE applications.


M-Base is located in Aachen, Germany. The Aachen region not only lies in the heart of Europe but is also well known for its outstanding technical university and a very innovative environment. We benefit from this pool of innovation and access to latest technologies by cooperating with research institutes and participating in university exchange programs. In this sense the word "technology transfer" has become one of the driving factors for M-Base.