June 26, 2015

Scatter Diagram
Curve Overlay
Graphic Property Search

CAMPUS, the leading international plastics database, has released a new online version. CAMPUS is available at



The system has been extended by new graphic features:

  • Scatter diagram, which allows a two dimensional presentation of two key properties for all grades. The user can select any combination of properties
  • Curve overlay, allowing comparison of multi point data (e.g. stress-strain curves) of up to 10 curves, even grades from different producers
  • Graphical property search tool, for entering search criteria using a novel intuitive graphic tool


The CAMPUS consortium points out that with these improvements the online version of CAMPUS offers a complete substitute of all features of the classical desktop version which is well accepted in the plastics industry for more than 25 years.

Even though, the traditional desktop version of CAMPUS is still downloaded several thousand times every month, the online version is getting more and more popular. It is always up-to-date without any user activity. It does not require any installation at the user´s computer. All data is available for free and without any registration or user tracing.

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CAMPUS® is a registered trademark of CWFG mbH, Frankfurt am Main, 2016