NFC-Simulation - Successful Presentation of Project Results at SPE-ANTEC

July 1, 2014

Even before the official end of the project time our joint research project NFC-Simulation delivered valuable results. The fact that 5 papers of different project partners were accepted for presentation at this years SPE-ANTEC in Las Vegas can be seen as a confirmation.


In the framework of NFC-Simulation we could prove that natural fiber reinforced plastics can fulfil the automotive industries requirement for crash simulation in the same way as conventional materials. The project also provides a long list of design data and material properties for many different Natural Fiber – Polypropylene compounds.


The role of M-Base in this project was to support partners with micro-mechanical modelling of NF compounds and to provide automatic evaluation of orientations based on microscopy (light microscopy as well as micro-CT). For this purpose our software FiberScan was involved.


A project highlight is the newly developed technology of predicting parameters for injection molding simulation (like the well known fiber-interaction coefficient) without any re-engineering process, solely based on the properties of matrix material and fibers.