May 13, 2015

Protection of Personal Data and User Profiles in Material Data Center

The platform offers access to all plastics grades available on the international market. Relevant datasheets are offered for free without any registration. Ten thousands of engineers use this option every day.

While the basic functionality of Material Data Center does not require registration, some extended functionality, like search features and graphic tools, require a registration or user fee. However, M-Base guarantees all visitors of Material Data Center anonymous access to information and consequent protection of personal data.


It is common that providers of material databases request personal data of their users and sell this information together with details of their activities to resin suppliers and other interested parties. Such business models are not acceptable for M-Base. Visitors of our databases will not be traced; personal data is protected and will under no circumstances be provided to any third party.

Material Data Center is the best choice for users, who care for anonymous online information. Data quality and user friendly navigation fulfill highest international standards.