Offers for plastic producers and distributors

The success story of plastics has only been possible because the material producers support the complete supply chain with their know-how and all necessary information. New and challenging applications are not possible without contribution and data from a material supplier. Consequently, a data infrastructure has been established over years that allows producers and distributors to provide material data to their potential customers. M-Base provides comprehensive systems and services to support this information chain.


The backend of an information system is the internal data management tool, a tailored program to edit and maintain confidential material data of one supplier. It allows global access to the data for all staff members, depending on their access rights they can view and edit data. The backend may be extended by features for management of laboratory data, test evaluation and material modelling. It is possible to mark certain materials or properties for publication and export, e.g. to the public database of the operating company.


Extensive navigation tools and specific functionality are available for the internal users of the system, including search, compare and table functions, as well as graphical tools. Flexible and multi-lingual datasheets can be produced on demand. Internal products can be compared with competitors materials.


The frontend is a public internet platform which presents all released data from a supplier to the market. The frontend is fed with data from the backend at the producer's site. The frontend may also have controlled user access, but usually all data is available without restriction or registration. Different to the backend the frontend allows only reading access and no data manipulation.


M-Base can offer a broad spectrum of options and functionality for these systems, starting with a simple provision of pdf datasheets up to complex CAE interfaces and extensive graphical tools. Such product information systems are powerful promotional tools for a supplier and a lot of effort is made to provide a user friendly and spectacular, modern user interface. Also the material information system, has be be aligned with the producer's corporate identity. Usually the systems are closely interated in the producer's website. They are multi lingual and allow access via mobile devices.


For many years M-Base is a leading international supplier of internal, as well as external material information systems for resin producers. Some of our best in class references can be found here.