Integrated Application Database

If possible, material decisions should be made in a systematic and objective process using reliable numerical material properties. For this purpose Material Data Center offers comprehensive material data including properties for design and calculation. However, designers still need additional information about practical experiences.


Each time when non-quantified properties are used or product properties can not directly be translated into relevant material properties, this problem will come up. Typical examples are most optical specifications, surface feel and quality. Also, as long as no reliable, standardized test results are available, all chemical and weathering resistances fall under this category.


Additionally, designers very often during the development of new products need information about existing applications, in order to draw analogies and make conclusions about the feasibility of a new concept.


To close this information gap M-Base has developed a comprehensive application database, which is offered as a module of Material Data Center.


A comfortable navigation tool allows users to search effectively in this pool of unstructured knowledge. It is possible to search for the name of an application, the material that was used and also for the industry branch. A full text search over the complete database is also possible. An interface to the material database allows access to the relevant material datasheet. Most applications are documented in a significant picture, also a comfortable pdf print function is available (Example). 

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