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During all stages of their work, designers depend on material information. The time needed to access reliable data is crucial for the success of new developments.


One major source of information are material databases. One of the leading systems is Material Data Center from M-Base. Material Data Center includes an extensive collection of material properties, like the complete set of CAMPUS data. The web address is:


Another important source of information is literature. However, it is very complicated to find the right article about a certain topic in short time and many hours are wasted every day trying to find material information on the internet or at other sources.


In order to improve this situation, M-Base has decided to add literature related to plastics to the content of Material Data Center.


Material Data Center offers a comfortable full text search in the entire collection of literature, it is even possible to search all databases of Material Data Center for a key word, including the material database and the application database.


For the time being, Material Data Center offers the following literature sources:

  • several articles from the eMagazine "Journal of Plastics Technology"
  • several hundred articles from the magazine Plastics Technology
  • several thousand articles from the magazine Kunststoffe International
  • The complete text of the following books, published by Hanser Verlag
  • International Plastics Handbook
  • Engineering Biopolymers
  • Plastics Additive Handbook


Access to the literature in most cases is free for all registered users of Material Data Center. In some cases the user will be directed to the original source, where the article can be ordered online.


It is planned to extend the literature content of Material Data Center continuously.

Visit Material Data Center at

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