Material and Product Information Systems

Material information is of crucial importance for most engineering tasks and the quality of the available data as well as the efficiency of the data management system are important criteria for the success of most products.


It has become standard practice to use databases for the storage and handling of material data. However, a material information system is not just another database.


To design an efficient system which handles all data fields and the full range of functionalities required for material data management plus meeting the needs of complex engineering tasks, more than just an adaptation of a standard database tool is required.


Material data is an extremely complex field and requires very special formats and contexts. The data handling can in no case be compared to other typical database applications like banking, addresses, stock handling, etc., because material data needs to be processed according to complex material models and interfaced with a series of engineering software.


M-Base has specialized in material databases for many years and we offer optimum know-how, successful existing solutions and the capability to develop powerful yet efficient material databases that meet the most complex requirements.