H.-J. Endres, M. Neudecker

Processing and Manufacturing of Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastics to Specimens for Generating Simulation Data (NFC-Simulation)


A. El-Sabbagh, A. Ramzy, L. Steuernagel, S. Kirchberg, D. Meiners, G. Ziegmann

Notes on Characterization of Natural Fiber Polypropylene Composites


K. Albrecht, J. Müssig

Morphological Analysis of Natural Fibers and Fiber Orientation Measurements for the Evaluation of Simulation Tools for Injection Molding Materials


D. Ramirez, P. Schmidtke, S. Goris, E. Baur, T. Osswald

Fiber Orientation Prediction in Natural Fiber Reinforced Parts


E. Baur, S. Goris, D. Ramirez, P. Schmidtke, T. Osswald

Mechanistic Model to Determine Fiber Orientation Simulation Material Parameters


T. Baranowski, M. Franzen, E. Baur

Developing an Integrated Crash Simulation for Automotive Parts Produced from Natural Fiber Reinforced Plastics (NFC-Simulation)

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