Press Release


Plastics Additives Database Updated

Material Data Center is one of the major information platforms for plastics. Material Data Center gives complete access to technical data of the whole international plastics market. The materials covered in Material Data Center are trade products, which come ready to use and are already equipped with the necessary additives. So far, detailed information about additives has not been considered.


Based on users' requests, Material Data Center has been extended to information about plastics additives. The system provides physical data, chemical formulas and compatibility information.


The first version covered flame retardants. Now, just in time for K 2019, the system was ex-tended to Plasticizers, Lubricants, anti-statics and anti-oxidants. It now covers more than 6000 commercial additives. The goal is to make Material Data Center to the most comprehensive information source for plastics additives in the near future.


All regular users of Material Data Center have access to this new data. Different to other web-based information systems, Material Data Center allows completely anonymous ac-cess to the data. Users are not tracked and their personal data and activities are not provided to any third party.


The system is available at: