M-Base software products demonstrate the latest technology in material data handling and design software.


Our experience tells us that in a complex material information system the correct specification of data formats and functionality is of equal importance with the quality of the final coding. Therefore our service is not limited to the mere delivery of a program "off-the-shelf" but comprises extensive consulting in all fields related to the design of material databases and design software.


Based on our extensive engineering knowledge we have developed a methodology to support customers during the specification phase, making sure that our product meets our customer's needs 100 %. Consequently we consider ourselves as an accompanying partner from planning, through development and installation until execution phase.


Customers who consider developing a material database are invited to learn more about our consulting service. Based on our experience we are sure that we can offer the best possible solution for each individual application.


The consulting offer also applies for our design software. Customers who do not want to invest in the software or who do not have the capabilities to run the systems sufficiently by themselves, can always rely on our consulting service.