Material Data Center

Material Data Center is a comprehensive internet portal for plastics. It includes a material database, which covers the complete international plastics market including the entire content of the CAMPUS database, also an application database, a tradename directory, a literature database and several other tools to support designers.


The material database includes single point data, as well as graphical information (multi point data). For both categories extensive tools for navigation and search are available, like generation of tables, comparison of grades, zoom and print functions (e.g. based on pdf formats).


Material Data Center also offers calculation programs for bending cases, snapfits, flow length and cooling times. In short: Material Data Center offers any useful function needed by engineers during material selection and design. Special versions with interfaces for different CAE systems are also available on request.


Most data is available for free without registration. The extended version with search and sort functions is available against a small annual fee. For a free temporary demonstration access visit:


Material Data Center can also be individually modified to customers requests and installed in company intranets. Customers who want to avoid internal efforts for installation and maintenance of servers, may want to consider our hosting services.


Resin producers who want to offer an individual internet product information system, can make use of the technology behind the Material Data Center as well. M-Base offers individual adaptations of the system to match with the customers corporate identity, which are very cost effective.

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